NANZUKA UNDERGROUND had a successful grand opening of its new flagship gallery located in Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo, near United Arrows Harajuku.
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Some Uplifting Words of Wisdom

I go through cycles of feeling down in the dumps to the point
where I don’t want to get out of bed, to days where I feel so elated
and proud of myself I could do a happy dance everywhere I go.
Europe - Words Of Wisdom

3 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

My advice: put yourself out of the box, and do it solo while you’re
at it! Make your own opinions through your own experiences.
Clean Bandit - Solo

Fall Seven Times, Stand up Eight
On My 6 Years In Japan

There was a point during those first few years where I lost sight
of my purpose.
Craig David - Rise And Fall

Chill Out It’s Summer Mix 2

... and as I was planning out this mix, I realized that was exactly
what I wanted it to be – a form of sound therapy for relaxation.
Player Chill Out It’s Summer Mix 2

Life Lessons – Go with the Flow

Every year I go back to my roots – my native hometown in
southern California to refresh & rewind
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Life's Lessons

3 Reasons Why You Should Take Blog Photos in Shibuya

I always feel lucky to be living in a world-famous metropolitan city
called Tokyo.
Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Jewel Tones for the Holidays

When I selected these socks, I was a bit skeptical at first ...
The Cure – Dressing Up

When you want to be like a butterfly

Sometimes we tend to forget that it cannot always be seen,
that true beauty lies within.
The Verve - Catching The Butterfly

Bright fall colors

I’m not one to smile much in blog photos, but a bright-colored
top really does wonders…
Blonde Redhead – Spring And By Summer Fall