On body image & accepting yourself

I think everyone has compared themselves to others at one
point in their lives ...
Oh Land – Perfection

How to stay motivated even if you’re in summer mode

-it can be pretty hard to stay motivated when you’re so tempted
to grab your favorite bathing suit and run off to the beach.
Ed Sheeran – Wake Me Up

Shades of cool in home sweet Tokyo

After a long yet short trip to Paris ...
Guns N' Roses – Sweet Child O' Mine

Hello July, Hello summer

I feel lucky to have been born a summer baby, a true
Cancer at heart.
Kris Wu - July

Ginza, the Beverly Hills of Tokyo

-(I’m actually really self-conscious of my thighs believe it or not),
and only just now realized how pale I am...
The Vaccines – Family Friend

LA meets Tokyo street style

As a blogger, I love representing brands that I feel have a strong
and unique identity ...
Tokyo Police Club - New New Song

A black & gold affair

Adding any metallic pieces to an outfit instantly adds that
and wow factor. And it shows that the black & gold formula
never ceases to fail.
Sam Sparro - Black And Gold

How to do street style the girly way

To those of you who wanted to dress more casually but still
wished to maintain that element of feminism ...
Dawin - Just Girly Things

Crisp spring basics

Even though I don’t work in an office
anymore, trying on the office look once in a while is fun.
My Chemical Romance – Cubicles

In the backstreets of LA

It’s always good to change it up and try something different.
2Pac – Thugz Mansion