Would you like to swing on a star?

I can’t get over this dress pretty much ever, so I’ve always tried
to re-style it in ways that I think are really fun!
I also found these amazing dupe sunnies. They give me Elton
John vibes that I am also here for.
Elton John - Porch Swing In Tupelo


It’s how I’ve loved to dress since I started this blog.
Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

Everything is coming up Roses

Writing excerpts for my OOTD posts is so hard lately! After nearly
10 years of blogging and thousands of outfits later, here I am.
Black - Everything Is Coming Up Roses


Visiting a 16th-century abandoned castle, very much Lord of the
Rings vibes going on!
Bon Jovi – All Hail the King


Let me tell you I had one of the greatest experiences of my life
at the blue hole!
Elton John - Jamaica Jerk Off

Modern Victorian

It’s a little bit more of a daring look to wear every day but I love
the way it looks, it’s very striking in my opinion.
The Kinks – Victoria

You’ve found a new star to orbit

Whenever I can’t think of a look or I’m feeling less creative my
go-to is always a white blouse with a black leather and jeans.
The xx – On Hold

Dark paradise

I am wanting snow now but I am still contemplating if I am ready
to get my big coats out or not yet…
Ariana Grande - Snow In California

Tell your children not to walk my way

An appropriate post to announce that I’m attending
Riot Fest this year!
Danzig - Mother

You’re so dark, babe

I was in Crossroads last week when I found this witchy number...
Arctic Monkeys - You're So Dark