The said, don’t bend your arms like how I did, else risk
looking like a bat. Lol.
 Meat Loaf - Blind As A Bat

My Beauty Makeover in Seoul

By the end of the day, I felt like a star–far cry from how I was
feeling at 5am. Trust me.
 Fly Project - Like A Star

Palace Of Bliss

All I can say is it was a really enriching experience.
One that I will cherish forever.
 Muse - Bliss

Gangtey Nature Trail

No trip to Bhutan would be complete without hiking
to the Tiger’s Nest ...
 The Kinks - Shangri-La

Heartbreakers Wave Chasers

I felt like Roxy girl through and through.
 Ludo - Roxy

My Beach Babes

-the only place I deem acceptable to wear flipflops in public is
by the pool or at the beach. But even so, I still find myself looking
for more stylish footwear I can bring to my summer escapades.
 The Neighbourhood – The Beach

Be Vibrant

Bold colors for a city as vibrant as Hong Kong. With all its bright
lights and flashy stores, there’s no such thing as too much.
 Mayday Parade - If You Can't Live Without Me

Meeting Masbate

For a moment there, I could’ve even sworn I was in a different
time–a less complicated time when the simpler things in life
were appreciated more.
 Joe Cocker - The Simple Things

Off To The Tropics

The sun is up, the heat is on, summer is officially here.
What does this mean?
 Palms - Tropics

Get Summer Ready

-your friendly neighborhood blogger would just like to remind you
about a few things to make sure you really have fun under the sun.
 Royal Tailor – Ready Set Go